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[column offset=one size=third position=first] We believe that prestige of your company requires you to go further and not concentrate only on regular business activities. Your company image can gain a lot on presenting a real interest in supporting valuable initiatives.

We hope that education activities advancement of general knowledge about nuclear energy generation will provide your company opinion of organization willing to make better Poland a better place thanks to well educated society and new technologies.
We hope our offer is interesting and possible cooperation will have positive impact not only on  your company but, what is most important for our organization, on the Polish society and its knowledge.
We are aware of the fact, that our offer does not cover all available forms of marketing options therefore we are ready to investigate other proposed methods of promotion.
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President of Foundation: Łukasz Koszuk

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We would like to offer you participation in our projects. There are multiple cooperation forms possible we are ready to assist you with all available resources of Atomic Forum Foundation. Sponsorship agreement may contain any combination of elements listed below. Foundation is ready to work on other proposed forms of cooperation as negotiated. After choosing a project for sponsorship the Foundation will perform every activity mentioned in sponsorship agreement. Presentation of the sponsor may contain: company profile, area of operations, products or services. Promotion can be realized in variety of forms depending on the selected project. We encourage to participate in multiple projects as we focus on every case and we always prepare interesting cooperation conditions.


Projects we currently work on:

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  • Atomic Bus – Mobile Laboratory – edition 2012
  • Forum Atomowe magazine; publications
  • vortal
  • E-learning platform
  • Meetings with Nuclear Energy
  • Equipment of mobile radiation and nuclear energy exhibition, purchase of equipment for demonstrations during educational classes
Available forms of promotion:
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  • providing company name and logo on posters, project and foundation website, in the brochures, in the promotion and information materials,
  • information in the press release about company being a project participant,
  • possible company presentations during the project – e.g. stand, distribution of company leaflets, brochures and other materials,
  • Meetings with Nuclear Energy: company logo in every multimedia presentation, which will be shown at the meetings,
[/list] Promotion in publications:
[list type=check]
  • company name and logo on a cover of selected publication,
  • note about provided support – for e.g. in the introduction,
  • coloured leaflet sewn into the publication, printed on internal covers or freely attached,
  • Forum Atomowe magazine: publication of the article about the company and/or products.
[/list] Promotion in the Internet: vortal, e-learning platform:
[list type=check]
  • Advertisement of company (products or services) on the main site of portal or / and Depending on agreement, it may also appear on sub-pages. Time of adverts emission is to be set with the company
  • Providing company name and logo on posters, in the brochures, in the promoting and informing materials of both portals.
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