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The Foundation FORUM ATOMOWE (ATOMIC FORUM) was established in 2008 and it is an organization of young specialists and students of science. The main aim of our foundation is informing and educating about the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the promotion of physics and the idea of building the first Polish nuclear power plant.

The objective of our activity is to provide honest knowledge and thorough information as well as to change misguided and false opinions about nuclear energy which are widespread in our society. Target groups, which we intend to reach through the Internet, television, press and direct meetings, are politicians and decision-makers, opinion-forming groups, the media, young people, electricity consumers, environmentalist groups and the general public. The Foundation intends to accomplish its goals also through publishing, financing the propagation of research results and technologies, cooperation with local authorities and administration as well as operating an Internet portal and forum, which is the core of our information campaign. Our objective is also to organize and support educational, promotional and scientific activity, including support and promotion of modern educational methods as well as methods for increasing the popularity of the knowledge related to state-of-the-art nuclear technologies and the peacetime use of nuclear energy and the development of the nuclear power industry. We wish to gather around the idea of our Foundation people working in science, technology, education, local governments and companies operating domestically and abroad.

The Foundation FORUM ATOMOWE is comprised of young, active and ambitious people, specialists in their fields, e.g. nuclear physics, radiation protection, environment protection and computer science. The number of science and mathematics classes in the educational programs for the Polish primary and secondary education has been reduced in the last few years. Our experience shows that the most effective method of conveying knowledge to the young people is the direct contact with young specialists, who can provide young people with information about nuclear and radiation sciences using modern and interactive teaching methods. The Foundation’s volunteers are firmly convinced that through honest and comprehensive information and education as well as through wide direct involvement of the society in public debates it is possible to gain full support for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland and other countries which take a similar challenge.

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